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Fruits Basket Colored 1 by payton01
Fruits Basket Colored 1
Requested by one of my friends, who by the way has just started a youtube channel! She is very sweet and funny and plays games. She just recently finished playing Fran Bow. :D

If you like gaming channels, please click here to watch my friend, Sugarbug! -->…
Hiyokoi Hiyorin Colored 2 by payton01
Hiyokoi Hiyorin Colored 2
This one fits Hiyorin's normal personality much more :P Hopefully I'll be able to find of of her with Piyokoi on her head :D (for those of you who don't know, Piyokoi is an imaginary chick no one can see that sits on Hoyorin's head and appears whenever she's being adorable :P)


United States
Woohoo, my shelf of Edward Cullen is nearly complete! Jk I still have a long way to go XD all i have is a new moon doll of him, a edward charm bracelet, and a few posters/ drawings. Actually, my mom won't even let me hang my damn posters unless they have a frame! What teenager wants every songle one of her posters to be framed? I get that my mom doesn't want them getting ruined but come on! if I put them up high enough I'm sure my cat won't be able to reach them :|
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I want to do a title page for my twilight story 'Survival of the Fittest' (heres the link) -->… But I have no ideas DX so far in the story Edward began as five years old and was abused by his father. Edward then runs away and is eventually found by the Cullens and taken in by them. while he meets them he becomes friends with Jacob and the wolf pack (they're their original ages) and he meets James, Victoria, and Laurent, who try to kill him. A few years pass to when Edward is in middle school and he starts having nightmares about his father. more years pass until Edward is in high school. Edward is gay and bullied, and in a love triangle between Jacob and Seth. He is also being hunted by not only his abusive father, but also James, Laurent, and Victoria.

I didn't give away any major spoilers if you're interested in reading, but does anyone have any ideas for a cover page?

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